With 7,000,000 Americans each year sustaining traumatic brain injury, Oculogica’s applications and opportunities are broad.

EyeBOX is an investigational device and is not cleared by FDA. The following statements are investigational statements based on EyeBOX research.

Oculogica™ is developing tools to provide accurate, cost-effective, real-time TBI analysis to a wide range of health-care providers including pediatric care providers, urgent care clinics, emergency rooms, and trauma centers as well as educational and sports organizations.

Clinic and Hospital

Objective Diagnosis Enables Improved Care

To date, TBI diagnosis has been subjective, based upon qualitative tests open for interpretation.

Leading edge imaging tools like CT and MRI are not diagnostic for concussion and, may require sedation. CT scans may also expose patients to harmful radiation, exposure to which is particularly pronounced for children, who make up a sizable portion of the TBI patient population.

Oculogica’s EyeBOX™ is being developed as a non-invasive, reliable, and objective diagnostic tool that could help physicians quickly and easily evaluate those with TBI and concussion.

Oculogica’s proprietary technology analyzes 67 domains of eye movement for a score that is unique to each patient at a specific point in time.


Understanding the Military Concussion

Military settings require the same fast, reliable, objective, baseline-free concussion diagnosis needed in hospitals and on fields of play –– but the nature of the injuries and the operating conditions are unique.

Oculogica’s proprietary BOX ScoreSM analyzes a comprehensive, real-time profile of each patient, based on eye-movement, unaffected by environmental distractions.

Oculogica supports the Department of Defense’s commitment to servicing military personnel and veterans with concussion from the moment of injury on through the safe and successful return to duty or community. Over time, Oculogica’s technology will generate insights into the unique aspects of military injuries and provide tools and guidelines for assessing injury, and informing decisions on safely returning personnel to duty.

On the Field

A Quick Test that Can’t Be Gamed

In the US, approximately 20% of concussion are sports-related. Keeping athletes safe requires accurate sideline diagnosis, especially in light of research showing that every minute spent playing post-concussion lengthens recovery times.

With EyeBOX, TBI diagnosis takes less than four minutes and provides accurate, real-time diagnosis, enabling healthcare providers, parents, coaches, and athletes to make informed decisions on treatments and decisions about returning to play.

Currently available sideline-based eye-tracking technologies depend on expensive and time-consuming pre-season baseline testing, which teams must perform annually on all players. Even then, recent studies show that baseline testing is unreliable as players intent on playing even in the face of brain injury can intentionally perform poorly on baseline testing, increasing the possibility of passing tests administered after head trauma is experienced.

By evaluating actual brain function instead of proxies like reaction time and attention, which vary from player-to-player, Oculogica’s EyeBOX technology completely eliminates the need for baseline testing.