Patented technology based on published research to enable fast, objective, baseline-free TBI diagnosis.

EyeBOX is an investigational device and is not cleared by FDA. Using ocular motility and other domains of brain function to detect cranial nerve function, the investigational EyeBOX provides a BOX Score indicative of the presence and severity of brain injury. The following statements are investigational statements based on EyeBOX research.

Oculogica Eye Tracking Diagnostics for TBI, ConcussionUnlike existing systems, the EyeBOX™ is the only eye-tracking system that diagnoses how different cranial nerves are impacted by a concussion. Oculogica™’s proprietary algorithm does not require baseline testing, so the EyeBOX cannot be swayed by the test subject’s desire to sustain attention, which can vary widely from patient to patient and skew results for those able to exercise greater control, or who want to “game” a test. Test accuracy is not impacted by fatigue, attention problems, or distraction.

Detailed information powers objective diagnosis

The EyeBOX’s industry-leading data collection capability feeds a proprietary algorithm that generates an assessment called the BOX ScoreSM, which indicates the presence of TBI or concussion. The 67-domain analysis of neurological function facilitates objective diagnosis targeted to the individual patient.

EyeBOX may be useful for identifying those at risk for second impact syndrome (SIS), a rare but serious condition in which a second concussion occurs before a first concussion has properly healed, causing rapid and severe brain swelling.

The BOX Score also enables healthcare providers to rule out concussion in cases such as neck injury or inner ear damage that have symptoms common to concussion, such as dizziness, headache and nausea.

In contrast to competing eye-tracking technologies, the EyeBOX requires no pre-test calibration which can omit critical information if the subject being evaluated has indeed suffered a TBI or concussion.

Easy to Use

With EyeBOX testing is simple, requiring test subjects to rest their chin and forehead comfortably on the device and watch a video for less than four minutes. Accurate results require no literacy, language fluency or even an ability to follow directions.


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