Oculogica®'s EyeBOX® device
is the only baseline-free test
authorized by FDA as an aid in
the diagnosis of concussion,
also known as mild traumatic
brain injury (mTBI).

Oculogica’s Drs. Rosina and Uzma Samadani Named in Fast Company’s Annual List of the Most Creative People in Business

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EyeBOX Concussion Assessment

The EyeBOX device is easy to use. In under 4 minutes, Oculogica’s proprietary technology collects and analyzes over 100,000 data points to generate an objective assessment that is unique to each patient.

The EyeBOX device heralds a new era for concussion assessment: one that is baseline-free, objective and personalized, and available to all levels of literacy, in any language.



Proprietary EyeBOX technology generates a quick assessment without the need for a baseline test. Results, therefore, cannot be influenced or “gamed” by the patient.


The EyeBOX test is the first FDA authorized objective aid in diagnosis of concussion, also known as mTBI. Its technology is based on research relating cranial nerve function to eye movements, not subjective patient symptoms.


Easy to Use

The EyeBOX test has no literacy or language fluency requirements. Pre-verbal and verbally impaired patients can be assessed by the EyeBOX device.