MinneInno: Meet the Brain Behind Concussion-Tracking Company Oculogica

Concussions are notoriously difficult to diagnose. Hennepin County Medical Center neurosurgeon and researcher Dr. Uzma Samadani would know. For more than five years, she’s been working to change the way brain injuries are diagnosed and defined through Oculogica, a medical technology startup she co-founded to identify brain injuries.

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Star Tribune: HCMC neurosurgeon gets a read on brain function

Measuring whether a heart is working correctly is a relatively straightforward task, because the heart has a straightforward purpose: reliably pumping blood.

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Journal of Neurosurgery publishes Intracranial Pressure study by Oculogica

Oculogica demonstrates the ability to detect the physiological impact of Intracranial Pressure in Journal of Neurosurgery Article.

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Oculogica Announces Patent Issued for Detection and Diagnosis of Elevated Intracranial Pressure via Eye-tracking

Oculogica, a neuro-diagnostic company, has been issued a patent for its novel neuro-optic tracking device to detect elevated intracranial pressure via eye-tracking.

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Minnesota Daily: Clinical trial works to provide treatment for brain injuries

A novel experimental trial, led by one University of Minnesota professor, is working to treat traumatic brain injuries and concussions — without surgery.

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Star Tribune: Neurosurgeon and her teen patient are put to a marathon test

When the 15-year-old ninth-grader first met Dr. Uzma Samadani, her back pain was so severe she couldn’t participate in gym class at Richfield High School. Climbing stairs was a chore and she couldn’t tie her own shoes. Her right leg was showing signs of paralysis.

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Star Tribune: HCMC, U to test new, simpler treatment for brain injuries

An electric stimulator, placed twice daily on a patient’s neck, could end up providing effective treatment for moderate traumatic brain injury — a disorder that currently has no proven treatment.

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Reuters: Concussions remain common even as awareness improves

Two decades after the NFL brushed off concussion concerns as being of interest only to journalists, the issue is at the forefront of any discussion about player safety and unlikely to go away anytime soon.

Read More → Neurosurgeon’s Breakthroughs with Eye Tracking Adds Insight to Concussion Understanding

Concussions are a problem. Everyone agrees on that. But it is rather less apparent how to define a concussion accurately, or how to diagnose, track and follow-up post-concussion. Effective treatment is based on the understanding of a clear problem that we are treating and assessing this requires accurate diagnostics, classification schemes, outcome measures and a single definition — all of which have eluded us to this point.

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Kare 11: State fairgoers help with brain injury research

We know fairgoers are smart, but there’s also a unique opportunity at the Minnesota State Fair to help with brain research at HealthFair 11.

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